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PurposeTo improve the hybrid instruction training, development, and review processes at The University of Tampa and to improve hybrid teaching practice.
Intended AudienceFaculty interested in teaching in hybrid formats.
Budget RangeIntermediate-High.
Project RoleProject Manager, Instructional Design & Development, Training, Facilitation, Support
ToolsBlackboard LMS, MS Office, MS Visio, Adobe Illustrator, other.

Experience the Prototype!

Experience the Final Product!


I needed to create a small elearning course demonstrating the One Touch Email System and providing learner engagement and interaction. Using Twine allowed for a quick prototype to experience the interaction before it was developed.

Design Overview

The idea was to have a fun way learn the best way to sort some emails and engage other systems for the action items they produce. Twine enabled the quick design of the interaction path and provided an interactive experience for the client and learner to experience the instruction before committing to a larger development cycle.

The project paths were established and tested in Twine, before being constructed in Storyline.


The interaction captures the path of the instructional experience well, and it is clear from the low-fidelity prototype what the larger experience is like.

Twine enabled the full experience in a quickly developed low fidelity setting, which allowed design decisions to be made early in the process based on feedback and user experience.

Click the picture below to work through the scenario prototype!

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