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I provide training & performance solutions to help your organization grow, retain human capital, and perform more effectively.

Additionally, I can:

  • Partner with leadership to map out systemic challenges.
  • Design solutions to address both individual and organizational challenges, especially in education and non-profit sectors.
  • Create or provide custom training & workshops on topics such as instructional design, systems thinking, human centered design/design thinking, improving productivity and performance, and more.
  • Serve as a speaker at engagements, including Keynotes, conferences, retreats, workshops, and more.

I invite you to contact me to discuss how I can help you with these or other challenges you or your organization faces. If it doesn’t make sense for me to address it, I probably know someone who can and will do a great job at it!

You can also email me at fred {@}

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Example areas I can help with:

  • Improving performance and productivity within teams, departments, or organization-wide.
  • Designing or implementing large-scale technology/non-technology solution.
  • Better understanding key processes in your organization.
  • Discovering how customers, learners, or employees experience your organization.
  • And more!

I look forward to hearing from you!