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Fred Baker Profile

Hi! I’m Fred.

I help growing L&D firms create effective Project Management practices to ship projects on time & under-budget!

Small L&D firms require airtight workflows, robust communication, and quick access to reliable project information, all with limited resources!

Integrated Human Consulting works closely with your team to articulate, implement, and maintain clean systems to support success. These systems help identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and increase performance.

We leverage more than a decade of experience in Instructional Design and Project Management and expertise with tools such as to produce valuable results for your organization!

Whatever you are facing, we can tackle it together!


Project Management Consulting

Experienced insight to help you get to the root of organizational challenges!

Live Virtual Training

Expert insight and hands-on sessions with immediately actionable deliverables!

We specialize in strategic Project Management for L&D firms!

Define Workflows | Streamline Processes | Implement Effective Systems | Document Procedures


Clouded processes.

Projects behind schedule and over budget.

Frustrated & overwhelmed staff.

Stressed man frustrated with electronic devices in office People cheering


Streamlined and well-articulated processes.

On-time and under-budget projects.

A happier and more effective workforce.

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