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PurposeTo improve the hybrid instruction training, development, and review processes at The University of Tampa and to improve hybrid teaching practice.
Intended AudienceFaculty interested in teaching in hybrid formats.
Budget RangeIntermediate-High.
Project RoleProject Manager, Instructional Design & Development, Training, Facilitation, Support
ToolsBlackboard LMS, MS Office, MS Visio, Adobe Illustrator, other.

Experience the Interaction!

Design Overview

Given an interest in open education, I found a static infographic flowchart walking people through publishing research papers in an Open Access format. I then reworked it as an interactive decision process where the user is faced with each question in the process.

As the user works through the flowchart, they are taken to the next steps or the branched conclusion, depending on their answers. They are also provided with information or resources about the outcome they landed on.


The interaction is a good example of taking existing static content and converting it into an interaction eLearning scenario. The minimalist design could be easily adjusted to make the interaction modular to fit into different eLearning situations.

Overall, making static process charts interactive reduces the cognitive load on the user and enhances the motivation and experience.

Would you like this for your organization?

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