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The table below summarizes my “Overall Assessment of Instructor” Scores for all of the courses I have taught at full time load as the sole instructor.

Instructor Evaluations

TermCourseEnrollmentOverall Instructor Rating
SP 20EME 6062 Applied Instructional Technology Investigations184.93
SP 20EDG 3661 Adult Learning Theory & Curriculum Development124.89
SP 20EME 6415 Designing Instructional Courseware284.88
FA 19EME 6626 Emerging Technology Systems24*4.88
SU19EME 6458 Distance Learning Policy & Planning164.78
SU 19EME 6607 Implementation of Instructional Technology Projects43*4.83
SP 19EME 6414C Web-Based Instruction154.74
SP 19EME 6415 Designing Instructional Courseware214.29
SP 19EDG 3661 Adult Learning Theory & Curriculum Development84.75
FA 18EME 6458 Distance Learning Policy & Planning64.66
FA 18EME 3351 Introduction to Instructional & Performance Technology224.0

Overall Average

*Combined Sections; All Listed Courses From Full Time Teaching Positions