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This page contains research and other updates as well as presentations. It is an update page to share what I have been doing lately.


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SITE Conference 2014

I was able to present two posters at SITE 2014 this year in Jacksonville, FL. These are works that I started before my dissertation work and so they serve as a snapshot of some of the ways I tried to conceptualize openness and its relationship to higher education.


The first, the OPEN ID model, is a conceptualization of some of the factors involved in developing and implementing an Anchored Open Course (AOC), which is a traditional higher education course that is also opened to the world. The intent was to formalize some of the factors that must be attended to if an instructional designer was planning on creating an AOC.

Baker SITE Open Factors

The second, the Open Factors Questionnaire, is an effort to develop an instrument that can capture perceptions of openness in a given environment. Ideally, this would be effective with slight modification at each level of an organization or business. One instrument with slight modifications should work in a classroom, a department, a school or college, a university, or in a business or other organization on the team, department, or organizational levels. The purpose is to gather information to support implementation.

Research Concept Map

This is the latest iteration of my concept map of how my research all relates. I revamped my thinking to focus more holistically on the implementation of human-centered design, with openness as a narrower focus within that lens. My dissertation work falls under the nodes at the bottom dealing with implementing openness into organizations through policies.

Baker Research Concept Map 2-11-14 -R



Presenter at 21st Annual Research Forum at University of South Alabama

Here is the title slide for my presentation at the 21st Annual Faculty Development Research Forum at the University of South Alabama. This forum is a great local venue for researchers to discuss their work and see what is happening with others at the university!

Title 21st Annual Research Forum

Keynote Speaker at A Voice Heard Program GED Graduation Ceremony

I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony for A Voice Heard GED preparation program. This particular chapter had an extraordinary pass rate and the graduates seemed very outgoing and motivated.

Announcement Baker Keynote Speaker

Kim & Ric Jordan, and Representative David Sessions

After the ceremony with Kim and Ric Jordan (Instructors) and Representative David Sessions.

Presentation at the USA Baldwin Social Media Conference

This is a picture someone took of me presenting at the USA Baldwin Social Media Conference in October. The presentation was about being a critical consumer of the tools we use. The audio and slides are available under the resources page for USA Baldwin 2013.

Fred USA Baldwin


Research Concept Map

This is the latest iteration of my concept map of how my research all relates. It views openness through the lens of implementation theory. I think it is a useful perspective for my dissertation.

Research Map 7-9-13

Guerrilla Interview with Dr. Brent G. Wilson at SITE Conference 2013

I got the opportunity to do a quick guerrilla interview with Brent G. Wilson at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE) Conference this year in New Orleans, LA. In the video he outlined his long history with Instructional Design and noted the prime importance of being well read and being an authentic, critical consumer and reflective practitioner of our field. Outside of the video, we have spoken a good bit about open education, building learning communities in classrooms, the role of instructional design in having “porous boundaries” and openness as a design ethos, and I have learned a lot from getting to know him. Thanks so much to Dr. Wilson for taking the time to share and for showing the importance of genuine connection with other people. He also posted this video on his blog here.



Dr. Nick Rushby, Editor of BJET

Dr. Rushby took part in a colloquium with the Center for Design and Performance Improvement at the University of South Alabama where he discussed Open Access and its impact on the British Journal of Educational Technology.


20th Annual Research Forum

I presented a poster on Open Education Course Design at the 20th Annual Research Forum at the University of South Alabama.


Tom Peters

Tom Peters is a very popular and influential business writer on management practices best known for In Search of Excellenceamong other works. I have followed him on Twitter for a good while and had several interactions with him, but I was amazed and happily surprised when he started following me back!  


Dean Shareski

Dean Shareski is an Educational Technologist from Saskatchewan, Canada who speaks on learning out loud, openness, sharing, agency, and ownership in education. He was serving as a key note speaker for a small conference in Mobile, AL (my hometown) and was nice enough to meet for a conversation about learning, agency, education, and openness.  Below is a picture of us after the meeting.


COTL 2012 Presentation- Open Up

This is a presentation I did for the Conference on Teaching and Learning 2012. The COTL is a local conference that is hosted at the University of South Alabama and is a sponsored by several local universities and businesses. It was a privilege to obtain one of the very limited oral presentation spots at this conference.

SITE 2012 Presentation- Unshackling Future Minds

This is a presentation I did on a paper submitted to SITE 2012 on creating a culture of openness through educating teachers on openness. It turns out the presider called the 5 minute warning a little early, so I had to rush, but it gave ample time for discussion and questions at the end! Overall a great experience!

Paper citation:

Baker III, F.W., (2012) Unshackling future minds: How including openness in teacher education can avoid insurrection and usher in a new era of collaboration. Proceedings of the AACE SITE Conference 2012.

SITE 2012 Presentation- SOMA HUD as an Advance Organizer

This is a presentation I did on the SOMA School of Design’s Heads Up Display (HUD) as an innovative virtual example of an instructional strategy in Second Life. The School teaches in-world design skills and the SOMA HUD serves as an Advance Organizer on several levels.


Dr. Curtis Bonk- World is Open Author- SITE Conference 2012

At the SITE 2012 conference in Austin, TX, I was able to attend a Symposium with Dr. Scott Warren, Dr. George Veletsianos, and Dr. Curtis Bonk, and others, on active and adventure learning and emerging technology. Below is a picture of me and Dr. Bonk the next day. I later took his Bonk Open MOOC on Instructional Ideas and Technology.


CDPI Faculty Scholar-Nicole Amare

I helped Dr. Surry and Dr. Lewis manage and host a faculty scholar presentation at the College of Education. Dr. Nicole Amare presented a Unified Theory of Visual Designs. She used a conceptual framework based on C.S. Pierce’s Triadic nature to describe visuals as having decoratives (the color, and flash), indicatives (the arrows, links, and cues for direction), and informatives (the actual information that is presented by the visual). The event was a success.

CDPI Spring Colloquium-Mayor Sam Jones

We held the Spring Colloquium with Mayor Sam Jones on Wednesday the 18th. We discussed the relationship between local government, local issues, and education and IDD. We discussed designing innovative solutions to local education issues such as poor parenting, lack of alternative schools, technology skills, and being culturally unbiased.