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Purpose: The purpose of this project was to streamline the existing hybrid course review rubric so that effective reviews can be completed in less time. 

 I reduced the total time for performing an evaluation from around 60 minutes to around 15 minutes (a 75% reduction) by revising the rubric based on formative evaluation feedback.

Description: The University of Tampa is moving carefully and intentionally into the hybrid learning space. Part of this process involves a course review rubric for evaluating hybrid offerings through the Hybrid Course Review Committee. When I took on the project, the rubric consisted of a number of items related to various elements of course design, but reviews were taking a long time to complete. 

I did some formative evaluation on the rubric by using the rubric, talking to reviewers about relevant items and which weren’t focused enough, and made revisions once enough usage data was available. I pruned the existing rubric, combined a number of items, and as a result, the average review time was reduced from almost 60 minutes down to around 15 minutes or so.

Revised Rubric: Hybrid Course Review Rubric July 2015