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Designing Effective Online Courses!

Learn about course design, alignment, assessment, humanizing online spaces, and more!

Improving Productivity with Google, Microsoft, and Analog Environments!

Boost productivity and improve performance!

Informal Project Management!

Learn effective practices for planning and tracking informal projects to accomplish large goals!

Creating Effective and Engaging Instructional Videos Using Free and Low Cost Tools!

Learn research-backed best practices for building effective instructional media!

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Custom made workshops on a variety of topics!
Live Virtual Workshop

Designing Effective Online Courses

Learn best practices, organizational strategies, alignment, backward design approaches, and more! These principles work in any learning management system (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Sakai, etc.). Available as a seminar or workshop!

Seminars or Workshops for:

  • Best Practices in Designing the Course Environment
  • Improving Outcomes Through Alignment and Backward Design
  • Assuring Results Through Authentic Assessment
  • Engaging with Active and Hands-On Learning
  • Humanizing Online Spaces
  • Other Topics Upon Request!

Live Virtual Workshop

Improving Productivity with Google, Microsoft, and Analog Environments

A hands-on workshop focused on improving performance, lowering stress, and planning more effectively through better task and time management. Distinct workshops are customized for Microsoft, Google, or Analog environments. Available as a seminar or workshop focused on your preferred environment!

Techniques for:

  • Project Planning
  • Task Management
  • Time Blocking
  • Review Cycles

Live Virtual Workshop

Informal Project Management

Learn systems for planning, tracking, managing, and delivering informal projects! Informal projects can be anything that takes more than just a few steps, such as a writing project, building a proposal, developing an initiative, or rolling out a new system! Available as a seminar or workshop!

Learn how to:

  • Plan the Informal Project
  • Break it Down Into Component Parts
  • Construct an Estimated Timeline
  • Prioritize and Identify Dependencies
  • Track the Project as it Progresses
  • Ship it!

Live Virtual Workshop

Creating Effective and Engaging Instructional Videos Using Free and Low Cost Tools!

Learn powerful techniques to engage audiences, deliver complex information, and design empowering lectures, lessons, and other instructional videos! Get hands-on with video editing and media production using free and low-cost tools! Available as a seminar or workshop!

Learn about:

  • Research Backed Best Practices for Media Creation!
  • Pre-Production (planning, storyboarding, gathering materials)
  • Production (recording, writing content, lighting, etc.)
  • Post-Production (editing, accessibility, file sizes and outputs, and delivery)

Live Virtual Workshop

Custom Designed Workshops on a Variety of Topics

Need something different? We can custom design seminars or workshops on a wide range of topics!

Possible Topics:

  • Teaching & Training
  • Implementation Approaches
  • Human-Centered Design & Design Thinking
  • eLearning Development
  • And Much More!

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