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Learning is a social endeavor.  It occurs in the friction that results from challenging our assumptions; between what we know and what we don’t know.  It is when we meet internal resistance (cognitive dissonance) with what we know as a result of being challenged with things that don’t fit our perceptions that we adapt our schemata to account for the challenge.

Connecting with others widens the learning field and increases the opportunity for us to challenge our own assumptions (or have them challenged for us) and thus grow through learning. The path of learning revolves around the axis of us; in and out of our comfort and ability zones and in and out of introspection and outward projection of our beliefs.  We state the way that we think things are and wait for resistance; when our ideas are challenged we look inwardly to adjust. Our knowledge evolves from the friction that results in the interactions between what we know and what we don’t. We learn socially.