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PurposeTo promote the use of Camtasia Relay among faculty and staff at The University of South Alabama.
Intended AudienceFaculty/staff interested in tools to support their teaching practice.
Budget RangeIntermediate-High.
Project RoleProject Manager, Design, Storyboarding, Videography, Editing, Pre and Post Production.
ToolsFinal Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Audacity


The Innovation in Learning Center at the University of South Alabama sought to encourage faculty to use Camtasia Relay for augmenting lectures and providing feedback for students. This video is intended to promote the use of the tool across campus.

Design Overview

This video features instructors at the University of South Alabama discussing the use of Camtasia Relay as an instructional tool. In this informational marketing video, I had the primary role in storyboarding, filming, interviewing, editing, and producing. I also created the graphics for the video.

I designed a storyboard and carried it through a formative evaluation stage with the client. I then began the script, capturing shots, etc, and eventually edited the project on Final Cut Pro v5 for the MacIntosh.


The project was successful in building awareness of Camtasia Relay across campus, and improved interest and use of the tool.

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