“You cannot change how someone thinks, but you can give them a tool to use which will lead them to think differently.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Fred Baker, Ph.D.

eLearning Developer | Instructional Designer | Consultant

I am a designer at heart.

Design is about working to solve ill-structured problems (those are the interesting ones!). I truly believe that all problems are design problems, which means that all solutions are design solutions!

I enjoy designing learning experiences, performance solutions, visual elements, web spaces, interactions, scenarios, workspaces, business processes, and more.

Brief Experience

For more than ten years, I have been practicing and teaching Instructional Design. Throughout that time, I have gained extensive experience with a variety of tools, processes, and approaches for designing effective training and instructional systems geared toward improving performance in any organization. Additionally, I’ve led organization-wide technology integration projects, consulted and trained hundreds,

and designed, delivered, and reviewed dozens of courses to improve standards of instruction.

I am an advocate for human-centered design, and believe that balancing systems and processes between organizational, technological, and human needs produces the most effective and longest lasting results.


I completed a Ph.D. in Instructional Design & Development in 2014 in order to help me think more deeply about the challenges facing organizations, and to build a more extensive toolbox for solving them. I have shared this experience with others through teaching students at all levels and in all modalities, and publishing extensively on these topics in scholarly journals.

I’ve also deepened this knowledge both through practice and specialized training, such as obtaining a certificate as a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer and studying accessibility. More recently, I have been working to learn front-end web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages. I am constantly learning new tools and techniques to bring to bear in building solutions for my clients.


I have received several awards, including the Charles M. Reigeluth Emerging Researcher Award in 2019 for my research in systems thinking and diffusions of innovations, and a student-selected Faculty Mentor Award in 2020 in recognition of my mentorship of students outside of the classroom. In 2009, I was selected as favorite instructor campus-wide.

Select Skills

  • Instructional Design
  • eLearning Authoring
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Development
    • Video & Media Creation
    • Audio Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Teaching & Training (Live & Virtual)
  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Design & Development
  • Implementation
  • Leadership
  • Technical & Copy Writing

Degrees, Certifications, and Self-Directed Learning

Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Certificate

Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Course

This training involves developing expertise in course review using the Quality Matters rubric and standards.
I have also completed the Applying the QM Rubric, Designing Your Online Course, and Designing Your Blended Course offerings from Quality Matters since 2014.
ROI Institute Master Certificate

ROI Institute Master Certification

This course works through the ROI Methodology to analyze projects and initiatives through 6 types of data to produce an estimate of the Return on Investment.
Designing for Accessibility OLC Certificate

Online Learning Consortium Designing for Accessibility

This course focused on accessible design in online courses, including accessible document, course, and resource design.

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:
Entrepreneurship, Psychology Minor

University of South Alabama: 2008

Graduate Degree

Doctor of Philosophy:
Instructional Design & Development

University of South Alabama: 2014

Anything is easy if you can assimilate it into your collection of models. If you can’t, anything can be painfully difficult.

Seymour Papert

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