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This is the resource page for the 2013 USA Baldwin County Social & Media Users Technology Conference.

The conference was held on October 8th, 2013.


Openness in Digital Technology: A Critical Perspective

Here are my slides Baker 2013 USA Baldwin.

The presentation was essentially about taking a critically reflective stance on the tools that we use and the technologies that we employ.


Philosophy of Technology

Social Construction of Technology Links:

Technological Determinism Wikipedia

Social Construction of Technology Wikipedia

Classic paper on Social Construction

Diffusion theory with a good breakdown of technology theories

Surprising Information Collectible from:

Facebook, and Here and, Here.

Target and other shopping patterns.

Websites you visit and your political party of choice.

Fred USA Baldwin


Open Source

What is open source?

Alternative Copyright Licenses

Cool list of 50 software tools and open source alternatives

Daily Kos Prism Break article with cool open source options for popular tools (WARNING: Link is a bit political/on a political site. I am not endorsing their viewpoints, but the list is useful).

Links to Linux Distributions (“Distro’s”) and cool open source virtual machine software to play around with it on without the need to install it!



Boone Gorges (originator)


Doug Belshaw

Intro Post

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NSA Concerns

D’arcy Norman

Intro Post

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Home Site

Archive of the Reclaim Open Learning Symposium